Wednesday, November 07, 2007

472 - Life is ... God!

Here is an excellent Christmas gift idea!!! I am hoping they will let me do a giveaway, but if not still go by and check it out. Tell them Leigh from Speaking Thru Me sent ya!!

Have a great evening!! My hubby is coming home after being gone for a while.

Life is...God. - Christian Clothing, Fun, Free Stuff & More!


Leigh said...

Hey! I checked out that site-very cool. I so want that Jesus the original soulcialist T. To cool. When I order I will tell them wehre I heard.
Enjoy hubby time.
Leigh2 (

Leigh Gray said...

that was so freaky - i was sitting here when your email came across and saw my, i mean, your name........ i thought i had sent myself something and didn't know it!!!

thanks for the laugh!! and get ya a shirt!!!


Leigh said...

I know, it is kind of disorienting. I am at an age where I find birthday cards that I have purcahsed to send to others in my icebox! When I see the Leigh email, kinda freaks me out too. I think , ok, for certina I am needing to be commited. Although with 3 kids, there are days when a quiet padded room sounds pretty cozy.