Thursday, November 08, 2007

473 - Praise the Lord

Good morning Jesus – what a great day. Hubby got home very late last night, but actually I had not gone to bed too much earlier. There are so many wonderful things on my plate – I WILL be positive – and not enough hours in the day, or night! I am so excited for the dental appointment today, not!!!! I mean Yeah, I forgot I was being positive. Ha ha! But then I think Clay is going to meet me for the morning walk!!! It will be so good to catch up on the last few days events without any interruptions! We will have to talk fast since we will only have just about an hour. Then Lord, so much to do – write a letter explaining the focus of the ministry, write out the aerobic survey, mail some packages (sold some purses!!!!!!!!!!!), and get to writing on the book. The most paramount thing is to study for my retreat this weekend. I am really, really pumped. The Lord has placed on me a passion for this weekend and I know He has a Word for me to deliver!!! Oh Father may the ears be ready to receive – including mine! DO more than I can ever imagine!! Thank you Lord! Knock our socks off!!!

Ps. 117 is a real short Psalm of praise. Very, very short and to the point. Praise You!!! My heart jumped out of bed this morning – notice that was not my body – singing your praise and shouting about your goodness and grace. Lord, my rollercoaster ride this week has been extravagant. Why that – because life with you is such a wonderful adventure. Yes, many highs and lows, but yet constant peace and excitement all at the same time. Lord, I know there are many Christians believe that life in You and sold out to You is no fun, no excitement, such a downer!! That is not true!!! Oh Lord, my hear goes out to those that have not grasped Your JOY!!!!!!!!!!! Living out of the Joy of Jesus!! That is what it is all about to me. I am not saying having happiness all the time and that all situations are joyous, but when we allow Him to resonate all the way to the marrow of our bones HIS joy can not help but spring forth!! Oh Lord, I praise you!! Even the rocks cry out, but this morning I too cry out of Your love, and JOY!!!!!!!! Thank you Father!!

In a couple of days my friend and I, Rachel Roberson, are going to have a purse/basket party. She is the one that took all my purses to a craft show the other day and sold a bunch for me!! She also makes these incredible themed baskets. I need to take some pictures and put them on the blog for you!! You would want one – quick like!! Anyway, she has a small business doing this to make a few extra dollars and because she is so dog-gone talented it just spills out. This is one of the many things she can do!!

SOOOOO…You know me – I can not just do something without the marketing, networking, promotions side of me coming out. My purpose in the party is to raise funds for the ministry. So I wrote short note on email about what we are doing as a ministry. I wanted to put some ads in the local papers, but knew that would totally eat up any of my sales. So creativity that does not hit me very often began to flow. How can I get this in the paper but not have to pay – hopefully!! So like I said I wrote out a small note explaining what my ministry purpose was – training talented speaker to go to the limit of what God can do through them – there is no limit - and also giving a church the funds to have one of our great speakers or another one that they normally could not afford. AND then I explained that our most recent deal landed was bringing Leslie Nease from Survivor to Southern Illinois!!!!!! And then added the part that we are having this small fundraiser so that more things like this can happen for the “small” church. That must have caught some eyes… I started just emailing a few around here and then before you know it I was emailing cities a good 2 hours away. And get this – they have been emailing me back wanting to do a STORY on the ministry and all!!!!!!!!!!! That is free!!! Holy cow – God is it You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Ironically I have not heard from my hometown papers, but I think they will come around!! Oh Lord, give us gerat turn out and success. May strangers that some to the house feel Your presense and grace. May even my nasty carper that my kids have destroyed in the short time we have been here cry out your holiness. May You be glorified!! May the opportunity to share your love be evident!! Oh Lord – can you give to us success in Your eyes!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries fundraiser
Leigh Gray with Rachel Roberson

Norris City, Il. 62869
Nov. 19, 2007
4pm - 9pm - come and go, but please come!

Scripture purses, totes, backpacks, diaper bags.
Homemade theme baskets - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Baby shower
Devotional books, messages on DVD and CD.

Light snacks provided.
Email with questions - cletus104 at gmail dot com

Hey – check out the post below - really cool t-shirts and hats at the website – tell them Leigh sent ya!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

OH how thankful I am for that peace. In the highs and lows, HIS peace is always there. I love that He is constant!

Praying that the fundraiser is a huge success!!!

love you!

Nicki said...

I hope your "promoting" goes well! It's hard Leigh...I know, but hang in there! You'll get there!!! I bet now around Christmas time you'll start to get really busy! I'll be placing my orders as soon as I get some money!! =) I already know I want to get my mom one and my m-i-l!!