Sunday, November 18, 2007

477 - BFF, Week, House, and Confirmation...again

I just don't even know where to begin. I am thinking this will be a long post just because there is so much to cover. Oh Lord, Sovereign one, Holy One, Perfect One, Gracious One - thank you thank you thank you! Being at a conference with 900 decision makers was incredible. No, not the possibility of what I could do for them as a ministry, but the presence of God was so strongly evident at this event. I have been to other leadership conferences and the likes and there is always such a huge sense of competition and comparison going on. Not here! We had some flyers printed up about what we are doing as a ministry and people were SOOOOOOOOO interested. They would ask us - tell us more!! It was awesome for me. Years before when I had been to things like this it would always be uncomfortable just explaining that I have my own speaking ministry and that it was about the Lord Jesus and all, but I was the only one to tell them about. Now I could boldly help promote about all the other speakers, the team as a whole, the benefits we offer - it was so freeing. Although I still want to got opportunities to speak I know He will take care of that!
Below you will see Travis Cotrell - I am not sure I know anyone that can usurer you into the presence of the Lord faster than he can. His talent and servant heart on the stage is like no other! And he brought with him that little red headed singer that is indescribable!! Holy cow - girl can sang it! I just stand there worshipping absolutely dumb founded and awe struck when she opens her mouth!! Wow!
Welp - drywall is going up. That does not mean electrical is finished or even close, but the "putting back together" stage has started! Yippee Skippee!!!
Isn't that a cool exposed inner/outer wall that we are! Love it!

This is my ministry partner Ginger Moore with Priscilla Shirrer. Ginger did so well for all she has been through this past 2 weeks and actually months! She was very sensitive to the Spirit and such a woman of grace!! It became even more and more apparent why God placed us together!
There is Priscilla taking my phone number and address. She did realize I was her BFF and wanted to exchange all our "info". I was just shocked, but she really wanted to get to know me better. She was just so impressed with my..............................height, yeah that was it, and so she wanted to be friends for life!! I told her I didn't have a whole of time, but would oblige the best way I could!
Yes, she made me take one hugging picture together! What a gal and pal! Ha ha ha!
This is Cindy Wood - Frazzled Female. I didn't really know her, but Ginger wanted to meet her and I took a picture of them so then I felt like I better get one of me and Cindy as well so I don't hurt her feelings! She was a tiny thing!
Now this is Shaunti Feldhahn - writer of For Women/Men only. She was a wonderful speaker and such a gracious receiver! I really enjoyed meeting her!! Real woman there!
So on the second day of the conference I get that old feeling again. Lord, all of these speakers are so educated, and/or have parents that are something, and/or are just brilliantly eloquent so much that they got a book published, and/or live somewhere relatively close to Nashville that they are able to devote themselves to Lifeway, etc. Lord, I am not any of those things. Plus in reality, I am a bit younger than most - other than my BFF - I feel like such a child so how would any audience really take me serious!
And He said, "Leigh - go the the prayer (i thought it was on prayer) seminar and listen for me."
OK, Lord! Lord, there are no seats - should I leave?
"Leigh, get on the floor and have a seat."
Yes sir!
The speaker begins and it was about developing your testimony - not even about prayer. In fact, it was about developing your testimony as it pertains to your past abortion - how to know when to say things and what in particular!! Oh Lord, I have not heard you correctly - I have not had an abortion and I actually don't even know - or I am not suppose to know - anyone that has.
"Leigh, sit and wait - I have something for you."
The speaker then asks for us to turn to Jeremiah 1:6-8 "Ah, Sovereign LORD," I said, "I do not know how to speak; I am only a child."
But the LORD said to me, "Do not say, 'I am only a child.' You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you," declares the LORD.
"Leigh, did you hear me speak truth to you??? Did you hear my commands? Leigh, are you listening? Now do it!"

Weeping - Lord, you are so good to me. I really did not come this weekend to have my calling reconfirmed..............again! But I thank you thank you thank you! What a privilege for me that you would tell me once again - this is the way, walk in it!!! Still hard for me to express that moment!

So Ginger and I got so much accomplished. We got our mission statement, purpose, directives, logo, pictures taken - more than I imagined or hoped for - we got it done!! I got my picture taken with my cousin whom I am writing the book with. We got the second section finished - or I should say hashed out so that she can polish it up and move on!

Tonight is my big fundraiser for the ministry. I have purses and baskets all over my house - it is incredible. You can not see my nasty carpet nor any on my furniture - I am so excited. 3 local papers ended up running articles (as well as a few further away) and then today I am going to make a few phones call to remind people. Oh Lord, bless these efforts. Please help bring people to us from miles away. May they see the lights on my Christmas tree and be drawn here - kind of like the wise men seeing the Star to Bethlehem! Oh Lord, please let Your Word be brought forth!! I am giving away CD/DVD to those that buy something. That is what this is really about - getting the message of your Salvation out to the world!! Oh Lord, please - do a huge work for us, Rachel and I, tonight!! Ps. 5:3 - I am waiting in expectation!!! I love you, Savior!!

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Nicki said...

Praying for your big fundraiser tonight! I hope it goes well!

I loved all the pics (especially your new bff!)it's good to put a face with Ginger, and I loved reading about everything! God is speaking and moving in big ways Leigh!!

About the comment thing, I don't check the box b/c I think it would create to many e-mails and it would get confusing! But that's just my opinion!

Ok, back to TelliTubbie land....I've got three two year old here and I'm reading blogs!!! AHHH =)

Kate said...

Love it when things work out just how He wants them to. Sounds like you had an awesome time.
Many blessings,

Valarie said...


Girl, I knew it was gonna be big because that's what I asked Abba Daddy for!!! LOVE IT WHEN HE HEARS ME!!!

Love the pics and glad you didn't act as stupid as I did when I met Priscilla! HAHA
Love ya girl.

Leigh Gray said...

Kate - friend - where have you been? I miss nto eharing from you!! Thank you for the encouragment!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Leigh Gray said...

Valarie - do tell about meeting Priscilla - I am not sure i have heard abotu that one!!!


Leigh Gray said...

Nicki - i don't want the kids to grow up too fast, but it reaaly does feel good to be past specifically Tellie Tubbies!!!

ha ha

Lindsee said...


SO glad it went well. I loved reading the re-cap and all that he did for you this weekend. And Priscilla, I think I am a good way!! ;) I LOVE her. She spoke straight to my heart at the "Tell Me How" Conference that LPM put on. Love her!!!

Praying for your ministry!! Eph. favorite verse. HE can do more than we can imagine...

Praise HIM!!!


Lindsee said...

Oh, and no, I don't normally do the follow up comment thing. I too think it would make way to many emails in my inbox!!! :)

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for God to BLESS you, my friend! I love how He is working in you and through you. May you be a blessing to many, many people!

With love and continued prayers for you and excitement for the house coming along!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

hey leigh - so glad all went great at the conference!

fyi - cindi wood spoke at my church last year. I got to be her 'handler'..we had a blast. And you know what? I didn't get the FIRST PICTURE of us together. Isn't that awful? Of course, I didn't have a blog then and that has just changed all my photo ops..:)

Glad the fund raiser went well...awesome girl!