Friday, August 29, 2008

630 - "Children" Ministry

Wow Lord, so many amazing things going on and I thank you. This morning I find myself in Mark 9:46-48. Disciples are arguing with one another about who is the greatest.

Can you imagine sitting around with a bunch of friends arguing about who was the greatest among the group? Wow, the words may never fall out of our mouths, but how so often the actions do from our "selves". And I would add that the speaker world or ministry world might be one of the worst places where false humility or camouflaged seeking of greatness may be. But I will say that you must have been there at one time or another to know what I am talking about... Yikes - there is a punch right to my own gut!

Lord, I think the vision you have given for me this morning is that the small child that the Lord said that his disciples "welcomes" is much like the small church that I have such a passion for. There is not much glamor, lights, frill, or accolades in ministering to the "child". In fact most the world says that you must not be accomplished if you are not traveling to big time places or filling auditoriums by the thousands. Even my own denomination will not consider you accomplished until you have published a book - and really that book must be through their own publishing company. That sinks!

But if you could look into my heart - and only my Lord and Savior can do that - you would see such a changed picture. From the days of sitting around and thinking about how I might be the greatest to now sitting around and thinking about my own community and how to make a difference there or finding a way that each of our speakers can make a difference in the area in which they live.

Lord, so many people say - not sure if it is with a prayerful heart or not - that IT is coming. I am not sure what they are talking about, but I think IT is here. Ministry right in my back yard. Clay and I discussing a new adventure possibly in our own church. I have been invited to speak down the road from my house. My tennis team is full of girls with great potential. One girl on my team told me she will be fasting for the next month in honor of a Muslim Holiday. (Her sister's fiance' played Nedal last night at the US Open - Deheart. How cool is that!!) The conference is moving forward and Clay and I have important meeting about in on Tuesday.

I think IT is here for my life. Not what I would have expected and certainly not what I would have wanted maybe 2 or 3 years ago. But when you open your life up to Him and say change my heart - HE will and is doing it still!! He does it beautifully, but not always painlessly - actually rarely painlessly!! But my heart is fresh and it is new. He is renewing my day by day and on His time table. I am tender! He is ever more so! I love you Father!


Sarah Martin said...

I am so excited about your conference!!! I forgot where and when you said it will be held? Maybe I can make a trip from North Carolina!

Hope your doing well. I love your thoughts about ministering to children-espcially since I now have one of my own. The Lord has been pressing upon my heart how VERY important it is to "train up my child in the way of the Lord" Your words are echoing (sp?) the Lords whispers on my heart...


Joy said...


The Lord has also been speaking to me about ministering to children. I have some ideas I will share with you. I was a children's director for 3 years...very rewarding.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey ya'll and others - I think I did not write clearly this morning. I was comparing Jesus saying to the disciples that to be great you must do the small things like welcoming a child. Working with small churches is not very glamorous much like doing children's work or welcoming the child. Sorry I did not mean to imply that I was going into Children's ministry... I have a full ministry right here in my house!!

sorry for the confusion!! It must not be my clear as mud day!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as I begin my journey with breast cancer. Your comments are welcomed, they pull me through the day.

valerie said...

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at the Siesta Fiesta.
I feel really bad because things got really busy in my life just before the traveling to SA and I didn't go back and ever look at the comments different ones had left on my spotlight profile.
I pray I'll have another chance to meet more Siestas.
We had an amazing time though. It was great. Hope you did as well and thanks again for the leaving a comment.

Lindsee said...

I love how real you are Leigh. I really do appreciate it!

Love to you and your precious heart this Labor Day!


Irritable Mother said...

I understood the comparison you were making, Leigh, and I love it.
Funny thing is, I work in the children's ministry at my church and some of my greatest joy comes from the hour or so I spend with those girls every Sunday. So maybe "children's" ministry is right where He wants me - on Sunday morning and whenever I'm speaking...
Love you,