Wednesday, June 23, 2010

857 - Tucker's down - get water!!!

Each of my kids have various screams. You know the one scream that says I am mad at you, but let's keep playing. There is another scream that says I am about to hit the fire out of you! And then the scream every mom knows that is different because some serious injury has occurred!

That last scream is the worst. My Sarahjane screams that one so much I am not sure I would even respond if she really needed help. Tucker was a terrible "cry wolfer" too! Nevertheless a momma always goes to check just to be sure they are not getting blood on the carpet............. I MEAN, to make sure everything is ok! ha

Yesterday Tucker was out working with his coach on some batting/pitching kind of stuff. It really was not that hot yet and really he had not worked Tucker too, too much. They even had a short break while the coach had a conversation with another man. Rest time for Tuck! But Tucker had not had breakfast.

The girls and I were sitting in the car waiting for Tuck to finish up. It was nice just relaxing in the car listening to some tunes! They had headed over to the batting cage to work on hitting. All of a sudden I hear this manly scream, "Leigh!!!!" I knew it was very different than any tone I had ever heard from Coach even when he had been mad at the team while playing. Something was wrong!

I jumped out of the car and ran around to find Coach carrying Tucker as he had passed out! All of this of course happened in a matter of seconds. I responded to his scream, "Yes? What is wrong?" "Go get water!!!!" he yelled back in that same voice that was so concerning!!

My momma can sprint and now I can say that I am a sprinter!!! I SPRINTED over to the pool to try to break into their frigs to find water!!! There was a pool full of water and yet I couldn't find my son any water to drink. I ran out towards people and found Coach Dixon. He had some Gatorade and brought it over to Tucker. Thinking I still could find no water an angel from the swim team placed 2 bottles in my hand as I was leaving the pool area!

Tuck is fine! He was mad we couldn't go golfing! We had the whole planned for exciting golf with no sisters! And we were gonna rent a cart!! But nope!! We spent the day inside on the couch drinking and drinking and drinking all day!!! And eating!! I think he is good to go now!!! Hopefully he will understand the importance of eating now and staying hydrated too!

But of course I began to think back to that initial scream from Coach!!! It was different!! It was serious. It meant business. There is gonna come a day when the Lord Jesus comes back. It will be different, it will be serious, and He will mean business! Will we recognize that voice? I do know the only we way we will recognize His voice is if we know Him personally as our Savior now. Do you know Him personally? Will you know His voice? Will it be different to you?

Just as there was all the water in the pool, but none that I could find to give Tucker - there are a ton of opportunities for us to come to know Jesus now!! We have churches on every corner and there are many Christians around, but few spreading the Word or not living like we should! That can't be an excuse. Jesus is calling us to Him. He will not force Himself on you! But the day He does come back - it will be serious, it will be different, and He will mean business. When He comes back the next time there will be no more water to find!!! We must take action now!!!

Lord, help me to do my part!!! I love you!

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