Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Antichrist

Oh Lord, I know I have learned so much in this Daniel study, but i am wondering if it is all going to come together and make sense? I love things concrete and very simple. Prophesy, especially that which has not taken place yet, is not simple or concrete. So i am not going to get definitive answers and many things are interpretation. Beth Moore encourages us to go and study for ourselves to see what interpretation we would agree with - yeah right! I can not even spell eschatology! It is like i want to be smarter, but i am scared i won't get there so why try! I know pitiful!!! There is always amazing power when you pray before trying to study something and I know You could do that for me again and again!

So today's lesson ended in Matt. 25: 31-46. This is a common passage, i just never knew it was about end times! Today she repeated again that the antichrist will most likely come "from the people of ancient Rome". This is found and Daniel 7 and 9. But Chapter 11:36-45 tell the most about him. Evil - we ain't seen nothing yet folks! But anyway, back to Matt. it states, "the Son of Man comes in all his glory". From what i think i have learned this is after the tribulation. It refers to the "nations being gathered" and separated - good from bad. What this means is that after the rapture all the Christians will be taken to heaven to await judgement. The tribulation will be taking place and satan will have been unleashed. During this time people will come to know the Lord. I can imagine those that thought they were Christians, but really knew the truth or those that always played church and yet never committed or those that were just lost and come to realize where everyone has gone and the Jews have the chance to come to know Him personally!!!!!! Those are the ones that might confess He is Lord. But this will not be without a great price. One like we have never seen! So then Jesus comes back His final time to take away those new in Christ and totally destroy Satan - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole point of this is that there will a chance for those "left behind" to come to know Him. But those that are left and come to know Him will not be judged on what works they did, but "their works will (helping others come to know Him and that means putting their lives in REAL danger) will prove they are redeemed" - saved. This is so cool - the JEWS are not forgotten!!! But the thing to not forget is that we know nothing as to when this is all going to happen. Is it today Lord? Tomorrow, next year, who knows.... He does! Even more importantly, we don't know when our time will come. We don't know if we will make through the tribulation or be killed before - those that are unsaved now. So if anyone reading this right now does not know Him as Savior - Jesus Christ only - you need to get that right!! Please i beg you!!

1) Confess you are a sinner
2) Confess you need a Savior - Jesus Christ
3) Acknowledge that He died for You to pay the penalty for your sins
4) Ask Him to come and live in your heart and that He is the Son of God
5) Thank Him for dieing for you and you will live for Him.
6) Believe and go tell someone - anyone!!!

It is that simple and amazing!!! He will save you, from terrible times now and ones to come!

Thank you Jesus for my salvation! I can not wait to see You face to face!! I love you!

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