Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Burn in the Change

Lord, I still can not get over the deal of the preacher in Colorado that was taking or at least buying drugs and has admitted to be in some kind of homosexual relations. The thing that gets me the most is not that he claimed to be perfect because he did not, not that he claimed to be against gay marriages because he did, but because he was going in and out of everyday some how getting sermons together - i would think you have to be in the Word at least a little bit unless you are giving all repeat sermons - and yet could fall into this can of trap. I do really mean it as a trap. Satan set it up, put in front of him his weaknesses, and then for some reason he was tripped up and fell in. Oh yes, he certainly had a choice and i know that there is a human fault, choice, flesh - whatever you want to call it - but the fact is he fell.

Lord, i don't ever want to fall into sin the way this man has, but you know what, if sin is sin is sin, then i fall everyday. But i guess more than anything i don't want to be in my Word everyday and applying myself to the scriptures, learning new things, and yet walking away unchanged, unaltered, or even passionless.

Lord, burn in the change in me - whatever you have to do to get across to me the way i should be and act and react! I want to think like You, I want to act like You, and I want to love like You. Jesus i want others to look at me and see You! I want others to be draw to me so that i can share You! I want others to be so in love with my Jesus! Lord, do your thing in me and help me to never walk away unchanged by Your Word. Burn in the change in me!

The jewelry party last night was fun! I got some really great stuff! I was able to say goodbye to some people that i knew might be the last time. Thank you for Your Word this morning. Thank you for the way you have revealed so much detail to Daniel through Your angels. It is amazing. I know my future is Your history and i am excited to see it revealed! Burn in the change! I love you!

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