Saturday, November 11, 2006

Set Your Mind

Daniel 10:12 Then he continued, "Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them."

Oh Father - Thank you for speaking to me this morning in my quiet time! It was great to hear from You so clearly! The verse above has just struck a cord with me and i can not get past it. Lord, when i am selfish about my walk with You i only think about how/if my requests are being answered, this verse above really encourages me. Having our requests answered is not something that we ignore or at least i can not. I think i will always be one to ask and still I believe God wants and requires that we ask! But here in this verse lies the key!

"Set your mind and humble" - that is huge. I can not expect God to move just because I ask. Yes He will because He is sovereign, more times than not it will have nothing to do with my request. He is doing something that He needs to do and that is that! Too many times I can not get just over the hump to victory! I get stuck in mediocrity and can actually see freedom or victory, but fall short of making it. I do this all the time in a diet. I lose the first 10 pounds and get real comfortable and instead of buckling down to lose the next 10, i let up and gain it all back! UGH!!!

God requires things of me! He requires a "set" mind and a "humble" heart. He requires us to do the Micah 6:8. He requires that we abandon all for the sake of the call. He requires that we love others more than ourselves. He requires that we be a "do-gooder". He requires us to move and not just sit. Yes, set your mind, but not sit on set. MOVE!

I have seen people want God to do things in their lives and move in big ways and change their circumstances, etc................. but then never move their own bodies. They never step out on the faith that they talk about so proudly. "God will take care of me and He is going to provide. God is going to move." Or even go as far to say, "God has gifted me in this and then never use it!" "I am waiting for God to open the doors", but never do their part. No, God doesn't need us, but He does requires things of us. He does require our cooperation and our obedience!

Oh Lord Jesus - let me be a Daniel. Let me be the one that You can answer quickly because of a set mind and humble heart. You have a ton of work to do on me, but at least we have some time, the rest of my life. Long or short i don't know. I would think long since i have so much work to be done! Jesus, Beth Moore made the point today about how Daniel could be trusted because of his faithfulness over the long haul. She noted that Moses and Abraham were used as old men, but Daniel was used from his teenage years on because of his trustworthiness and faithfulness. I know You saw him as trustworthy. Can you trust me? I love you!

Please bless the time tonight i have in Asheville. It is a big night! See you there, Lord!

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