Friday, December 08, 2006

THank You for hearing me

Lord, this morning I come to You with not much on my mind. Days are getting closer and closer until the movers come. It is still really hard to know what i need to pack, can go ahead and pack, and what must wait. Clay gets home tonight from Michigan - Elleigh has been really sad without her daddy this time. All 3 of the girls have been invited to sleep over at Chloe and Gracie's. Elleigh is the most excited because i really think she understands that she was only invited because of the sissies. I have been threatening the other girls with not being able to go if they don't straighten up, but they know there is no way on earth i would not let them go! No way!

On Wednesday a bunch of us got together again for one last lunch. It was a ton of fun. It was a group called my old main campus friends. Jen, Faith, Toni, etc. Most of them had been in our SS class at one time! There are still a few people i want to make some kind of effort to see before i leave. One lady i would love to send some flowers. She has always been a big prayer warrior of mine and I would like to appreciate her that way. I think she would love it! I have been so blessed with friends here. 11 years is a long time to invest and be invested in. This time has been priceless.

I spoke yesterday to a group in Concord. I had been to that church 3 years in a row. They are so wonderful and so supportive of me. It was a pleasure seeing them and then saying good-bye. Lord, i hope they are successful in getting an evening Mops going. That will be so great for all those that work! We talked about jealously - Mary, Mary, why you bugging? was the name of the topic. Specifically when Mary came to Elizabeth to share the good news of her carrying the Christ. Elizabeth was not jealous and was so excited to be graced by Mary's presence. It is awesome for women to act that way. It doesn't happen too often!

I have had to hire a new web-guy. Mine got a full-time job and then has bigger projects he had rather work. Things were not getting done as fast i would like so i got another person. Hopefully it will be a different story. They are called or something like that. I have really enjoyed what they have done! I get my books printed at a huge printing company and they have never made me feel like i was too small of business to them. They are really great. I have been buying tons of jewelry bracelets, getting books printed, etc. For 2 reasons - get things for this year tax write-offs and because i don't know my availability of things over there.

Lord Jesus, would you please give me more speaking opportunities? There is a church in Shelbyville, Il. that is considering me. That is really exciting since i have only been on that website as "traveling from Il." for a few weeks. I am asking that you give me 10 events for next year. I know that is not near what i usually do, but i really mean weekend kind of events - through the other agencies that represent me. I will do my part and generate my own events through my own networking - of course with your approval. But will you open opportunities with other places... I know You can, I believe, but will You?

I am going to go out on a limb in fear of being viewed wrongly. I got an e-mail the other day from World Vision offering a Chris Tomlin CD if you would donate $20 to the ministry. Well, like in a heart beat. Donate to a great cause and get something like that from him. Absolutely! I would love for someone to be able to use my name so simply like that to help out thousands. Not to make my name famous, but if it already at a level that would just bring in money to help in a cause like that - then yeah, i would love to do that. I have often thought how much Beth Moore or other famous ministers could advance the "lower" ministries if they would do fundraising events for them. Just one night events and of course pay them for their time. A person like Beth More could help bring in in thousands to a women's ministry that could help secure them for months and possibly the year. Just having her speak, the women would flock and would pay a great deal to get to hear her even once - with or without dinner. But i understand - she does it for one she would feel obligated to do it for all. And she would have to know so much about the ministry in which she is "supporting". I know, I know, I am in dream land, but i really think it would be great!

Well, you guessed it, ELleigh is a wake and right beside me. Goodness. She is a sweet girl, but let me remind you she is 3. I don't particularly care for 3 year olds. Ha! Direct my path today, Lord Jesus. What is in store for today? I love you!


doreen said...

Thank you Leigh for coming to our MOPS group! I have been particularly blessed for the past two years from your encouragment. Thanks for sharing your blog addy with me. I've added you to my links and will be checking back often. IL will get a blessing in you and we will surely be missing you!

Meri Anne said...

I'm so glad you have a blog, so that we can keep up with you! Thank you, thank you for speaking to our MOPS group Thursday! You are such a blessing to us and we will miss you dearly!