Thursday, February 01, 2007

236 - Getting Over Sin

It SNOWED - finally. Yeah - Emmajoy has been praying for snow every night. We just bought some snow boots and real snow gloves for all the kids on Tuesday BELIEVING He would bring us some snow. Thank you Lord - Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord Jesus - from time to time my QT will get a bit stale. Not because of You, but because I get in rut or too much of routine. So for my praise time I have pulled back out my portable CD player and am lifting You up first thing. This morning is listen to Amazing Grace (My Chains are gone) by Chris Tomlin. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lord does nothing without reason and purpose. So my listening to that particular song was not a mistake. We looked at Saul again and his jealousy towards David. He sent his men to go to his very own daughter's house, Michal, to have him killed. She got wind of this and sent David out the window to escape. All this is in I Samuel 19:9-18. This is how timely our Lord is in bringing this song to me today...............Jealousy - that is, I would think, something we have all been overwhelmed by or at least dealt with on a small level. It can feel like chains that weigh you down and only the Amazing Grace of our Lord can break the bond that is sapping your life! But how - how can we get over these feelings................. love!

I heard an interview of Chris Tomlin speaking about Passion - the national college conference. Chris said this was one place that all these famous musicians and speakers get together and there is such a bond of oneness. There were no walls - just love and acceptance. So that says to me that even the spiritual big dogs have moments of jealousy and competition or at least comparison that rears its head and must be dealt with. But how, I ask again - How do we get rid of something that is so natural and fleshly????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!???

To get rid of the natural and fleshy parts of us, it must be dealt with by the Supernatural and Holy.
1) We first must acknowledge these feelings to the Lord and seek repentance.
2) We begin to pray consistently for this person or situation - pray God will bless them and use them in mighty ways. We may not feel this or like this, but it is part of the process.
3) Turn the focus back to yourself for a moment and ask God to show you what it is inside that makes you feel inferior or want what the other person has so bad.
4) Ask God to reveal scriptures to you to carry with you at all times. When these feelings come back pull out that WORD to speak out loud so to scare satan away and yourself actually hear the healing He is bringing through His Word.
5) Understand you are not perfect - most of us have no problem with that and possibly use it as an excuse - and only He can deliver you from this. Only He can break the chains!
6) Pray for a deep love and admiration for this person and begin to believe it.
7) Thank Him for this refining time and praise Him through the storm!

Lord, thank you for those ways of getting over jealousy. I have seen You do a work in me that is miraculous and yet there is still work to be done. I go to Evansville tonight to speak to a MOPS and POPS group for their Valentine's dinner. I am doing a very scaled down version of Beauty and the Bedroom because of the men in the room. It is going to be fun! Lord, I love you and am excited to see You show up in a big way. I love you!! Shine Jesus shine!

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