Tuesday, October 30, 2007

463 - Images Before Me

Dear Lord, It is so good to be back and in my usual position of writing out my devotion and quiet time. I really miss not doing that and I am sure I do not take in as much from the Word on that particular day when I don't get to blog. This blog reinforces what I have just learned on my floor all sprawled out. But more than anything Father, thank you for meeting with me any time and any place! You are incredible like that.

You still have me studying the images theme - being made in His image, reflecting the Lord, and also idols, that has to do with images as well. So today you took me straight to Ps. 97:7. There was a ton of dissection in it today and I love that part. "All who worship images are put to shame, those who boast in idols worship him, all you gods!" Oh this is really good - thank you Jesus.

"All who worship" - that is talking about physically doing things, serve and minister, getting the hands dirty, signifies as serving as a slave. "images" - those are things that are fashion by our hands, carved, etc. "put to shame" - to be ashamed, disappointed, disgraced, keep waiting, deceived - denotes confusion, dismay, embarrassment when things do not turn out as expected. "those who boast in idols" - glorifying those things that are weak, worthless, empty, vain, etc. "worship him, all you gods." - bow down, crouch, worship, to do obeisance - signifies to worship God with prayers even if not bowing down.

Ok Lord, bring this all together for me, please. One of the easiest things for a mom to worship are her kids. It comes very natural and to a point it almost seems right. But so often in that adoration and surrendering love to our kids, we begin to worship. And yes, Lord, I hear you say that even that is wrong. There terrible thing I have seen in my own life and in many other moms at the most inopportune times is how that worship is displayed. It seems to rear its ugly head when defense mode has kicked in or when anger has reached its peak. I have seen moms "go off" in protection of their child, or in defense of their child, or just because they feel someone has to - they can't stand up for themselves. I have seen very godly women absolutely act a fool right in front of their child in a weird kind of way that sort of is out of honor and respect for the child only in a bad, bad way. And i too am guilty.

According to this verse we do worship our kids - we serve them, get our hands dirty, and sometimes we do feel like a slave. Now not all that is bad, but in moderation. But when we turn our kids into images of worship that is not so good. We fashion them in our minds as what we want them to turn out to be and therefor anything getting in that way will be destroyed. Even a sweet teacher just trying to do her job. Even if she is wrong we feel a right to let her know it and feel obligated to do it in the most memorable fashion. She won't forget and neither will all those around or the child. We begin to worship this image of the child we have fashioned with our own hands and mind and waaalaaa - we have an idol!

Lord Jesus - I know I have been there and am still guilty of trying to make sure I have this and this and this in a certain child. Oh Lord, help me to relax and let them be what they are to be. Help me to not have such high expectations and yet still know when to push them for excellence. Help me to see their true potential and be joyous in all their different talents. Help me to accept what you have so graciously given me and to help drive that closer to You! Oh Lord, thank you for these kids!! I love every last little white hair on their heads!! I love the frustrating times as well because it draws me straight to you! Oh Lord, thank you for this privilege of mommying and never let me take it for granted!! Thank you Father!

Lord Jesus, that verse says that when I do worship images and idols I will be "put to shame". This spoke volumes to me. Translated it means that I will be disappointed in this idol. I will be ashamed and will keep waiting for something else or better. I will be deceived, have much confusion, and be embarrassed when things do not turn out like i expected. Oh Lord - I don't want to go down that road. Lord, help me to do the right thing. Help me to only worship you! You are never disappointing, really Father I know that. You are never going to disgrace me or shame me. You are my Redeemer and Salvation. Oh Father - forgive me for the times that i have done this very thing with my kids. Forgive me for the pressure I may have put on them and without even knowing it. Forgive me for not being thankful for exactly what I have. Forgive me for worshipping anything other than You!! Oh Lord, forgive me.

Thank you for this Word this morning. Off to a brand new day. Off to do your great work!! Off to glorify you my Lord. I love you!


Irritable Mother said...

"But more than anything Father, thank you for meeting with me any time and any place! You are incredible like that."
So true, sister. So true!

Yes, idols will disappoint but God never will. He is so worthy and ONLY HE is worthy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

HE really is incredible isn't He. :)

Worshipping anything other than Him is just setting yourself up for dissapointment! I learned that the hard way.

I'm so thankful that His mercy is new every morning!


Kim said...

So true girl - and with an only child it is even harder - we say no to ours sometimes just to say No - because he is our only child and the only grandchild on BOTH sides. Great message today - the house is going to be WONDERFUL - I can't wait to see it finished. The wedding pictures were gorgeous as well - how precious.

Leigh Gray said...

And Kim - i know you have probably been on the side of receiving that "worship" as a teacher. not too fun i would guess. everyone needs to teach soemthing or at least do childcare ofr a short period of time just to get a taste of how us mommas can be at times.

sure loved hearing from you!!

thank you

Abby said...

have been learning much about idols in the bible study i'm doing...good stuff...hard stuff...but good. :)