Thursday, February 28, 2008

548 - He Just Does....make me proud

I am writing real quick just to say thank you so much for all the emails and comments and prayers! I do feel better. I am on my way to the bed for a long winter's night and awesome weekend ahead. I go to St. Louis tomorrow to pick up Leslie - I am so excited to see her. It has been almost a year since we last hugged. You know girls and huggin'. I will take lots of pictures!

I got a weird check in the mail yesterday for $85. It is legit, but just not something I was expecting or waiting for. So I feel like that was the Lord's way of allowing me to help out a sister wanting to go to the ministry conference.............just couldn't do it on her own! So He provided and I am so thrilled to be able to give that to Nicki at on behalf of Speaking Thru Me Ministries. I do not tell you that for any other reason than to encourage others and hopefully challenge a few too. Anyone else want to step up to the challenge and help a sister out? I know He will provide for her - He always does and He just does! Love for you to help her - thanks!

We are almost 99% sure we sold our house. They accepted our counter offer and are going to look over the house one last time before sending us the formal offer. They do it differently here in Illinois! But praise the Lord - we have something to work with!

I talked with the superintendent and we are able to start the new schools on Tuesday. Illinois or at least Southern Illinois has some kind of holiday on Monday - some Pulaski guy or something... so we will start on Tuesday. House is so close to being done I can taste it!

My youngest daughter sang in a preschool program tonight, but it was during the regular PTA meeting at Carmi. (That will get the parents there!) Anyway - my 2nd youngest, SJ, is going to be going to this school we were at tonight. Some of the Carmi kids spotted her and asked her to go visit their classroom since they know she will be there in a few days. Next thing I knew they had lined SJ up and she was on stage singing songs with a class she didn't know and songs she really didn't know either. But here is the kicker - she loved it and acted like she was supposed to be there. She just waved at me and smiled like - Ha ha mom, you can't come get me down now. This is so Sarahjane!!!

One last story - I really am proud- I promise!! My Tucker - 9 year old in 4th grade. He can make the momma proud. He is finally into girls. He has the sweetest little girlfriend that just smiles all the time and is just a terrific little girl! Great family and parents! Anyway - i was getting kind of nervous for him and Valentines. He wanted to do something, but knew it would kill him to actually walk up and talk and give something to her. So I asked if I could get her something and he could just have another friend pass it to her. Bless his heart! Well, I, the good momma, did not want to over do it - got him a tin valentine with a cookie in it. Very sweet simple and probably good. He is a boy and does get hungry and loves chocolate chip cookies. So after many days of cancelled school I put the valentine in his bag to give to her. He takes it to lunch and told me he just could not help himself. He opens up the tin and eats the cookies. I was ready to stop there and offer to go get her something else since he ATE it. Then to top it off, he proceeds to tell me that he folded up the wrapper and put a note in there explaining that he had gotten really hungry and could not resist AND gave that to her instead!! He ate her valentine. (This is soooooooooo my boy.) But it gets better. He had a friend draw a picture of a squid and put her head on the top of the picture. Then wrote Happy Valentines Squidney. Holy cow.............. Should I apologize to the momma? hee hee - after i thought about it for about 4 seconds remembering that he is in 4th grade I was actually very proud of him! He is in 4th and does not need to get all doped out about a girl yet. He was honest about eating her treat and did have a friend draw a picture. I think it is a good thing!! ha ha!!! I am such a boy momma!


Leah said...

What great stories!! Especially the Valentine Story!! Ha, ha. I love little boys.

Congrats on the possible house sale. We have had a spec house on the market for over a year and we REALLY need to sell. I just keep asking the Lord to bring a buyer and I know He will in His time, but I would sure like to get rid of the the thing!!

Have a great weekend.


Nicki said...

Girl, thank you again for all your awesome support!! It has meant so much to me!! I'll be anxious to e-mail you tonight with the totals for everything!

Those are some great stories! That Tucker!! How funny!!

I'm glad you are feeling better and I'm praying for you this weekend! I pray God shows up in a BIG way!! How exciting!! Take care!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Squidney! That is so funny.....

Glad to hear you are feeling better! AND that the house stuff is coming together. We will just pray that last walk through goes well. In fact, I'm praying that the new family feels so at home, they can't wait to sign those papers!

Have a very blessed weekend!

Lindsee said...

Okay, whoa! So much to catch up on. :)

First off, I LOVED the pictures from your Alaska trip. So fun! Thanks for sharing! I know you had a wonderful time!

And second, girls, so hoping and praying you feel better. Don't you hate when you feel nothing like yourself?! Not that it happens often, but it's wierd!

Okay, have a wonderful time this weekend. Can't wait to see pictures!


Kathy S. said...

I have so enjoyed "reading you" on your blog. Lots of light hearted chuckles. I love it (being on the more serious side by nature)I love the story of your little boy! I keep laughing..."I ate your cookie, but heres a hand-drawn picture of your head on a squid, and I have a new name for you...Squidney, would you please be mine?"

God is good!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Lindsee - friend - how are you? Did you take the job?? which one?

love, Leigh